• Website Update 01/11/2011

    Silk Available!

    Our silkroad silk system is now installed and works automaticaly upon confirmation of payment.

  • Server News 01/11/2011

    Server Updated

    Server has beeen updated with a number of custom features such as, Stackable limits, unique changes and more custom conetnt, you will need to download the latest media.pk2 from the "Downloads" section.

  • Server Update 01/11/2011

    Event Daily Schedules

    Event Schedules have been modified to a more end game appealing aspect for our players...


    Server News 01/11/2011

    Atomix Recruitment

    Atomix's latest team vacancys will be posted in the advertisement section...

  • Server Update 01/11/2011

    Item Mall ITems Added

    A large range of item mall items have been added to the Item Mall.

Next is a gaming community thats has been made up with years of expierence with hosting a number of top of the range games that are still run to this day. Our networks main focus has always been to deliver the latest content to players, at a high standards that you would expect from a profesional gaming team network. We eagerly invite our commmunity members to comment and express their opinions of praise and crticism via our forums, as this aids us in developing the server into something the "player community" wants, rather than what the "Admin" says. Atomix's first silkroad server "Atomix" began development on 07/10/2011.

Atomix the owner and of Silkroad Atomix, and other game servers, has been in the private server industry for over 6 years now. Through time he has built his repuatation of himself and his gameservers for both good and bad. Read More

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